Big Questions Seminar

  • Featuring Grenville Kent - a film producer, author and Christian apologist
  • Come along to this free program where Grenville will unpack questions about life and faith. Held at the DNF Dunbar Physics Lecture Theatre (Building 39a) at Australian National University (ANU) on 27, 28 and 29 of August 2014, with each program starting at 7:00pm
  • If you would like to check out more from Grenville, please visit the Big Questions website at or view the flyer
  • As part of the upcoming Big Questions evangelistic program, Grenville Kent will be interviewed on 1Way FM on Tuesday, 26th of August at 1:15pm. Tune in to 91.9 to listen to Grenville answer some questions the day before the event starts!

Who exactly is Grenville Kent?

Grenville is someone who does not shy away from the tough questions, and is always keen to engage both sides of a discussion when it comes to searching for answers on the harder topics about our existence. However, Grenville maintains his strong Christian faith, and does his best to share this with those around him - something that becomes obvious when you spend time with him or investigate some of his works. He has written books and produced films, especially for the upcoming series "Big Questions", which explores many facets of life and faith. For more information, check out, or Grenville on Facebook.

What will the Big Questions program discuss?
On the first night (27 August), Grenville will explore whether we can actually have a mindless universe. The second night (28 August), Grenville will investigate human morality, and whether it is possible without God. The third evening (29 August) will be a Q and A panel, featuring Grenville Kent, Sven Ostring and Joseph Khabbaz - some more Adventist scholars who have joined Grenville for the time he is here in Canberra.

How can I field questions to Grenville?
If you would like to ask Grenville, Sven or Joseph something for the Q and A session - please email

Where exactly is the program?
The program is going to be held at the DNF Dunbar Physics Lecture Theatre (Building 39a), at the Faculty of Science at Australian National University (ANU). The closest ample parking is along Daley Road (near Science St) or at Sullivans Creek Rd in Acton. See this map for more information:

When exactly will the program take place?
The Big Questions program will take place over three nights - 27, 28 and 29 of August 2014 - with each night beginning at 7:00pm.